About Charlene

I am a Melbourne based food enthusiast, passionate cook and current student of the Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism program with a special interest in the aesthetic experience of food and drink especially the sensory-perceptual, social and cultural aspects of food experiences. I consider myself a gastronome and have a wide variety of experience in the field of food and wine including commercial food production, food styling and the management of regional food and wine events. I have appeared on radio to discuss all matters culinary and I am an ambassador for Fully Booked Women – a social community for women in the food and drinks industry.

As a busy mum that juggles two young children, university studies, freelance work and domestic duties it is important for me to sustain my body and my spirit. I use food as my way to feel connected to the world around me. Driven by a desire to document my own process of self-formation by connecting through food I choose this blog as my creative outlet.


Restaurant Reviews

There are many factors which influence whether a person enjoys or dislikes a dining experience and to what degree. Each person’s taste preferences are as unique as their finger prints. What we define as good food or a good dining experience varies between cultures and often in quite dramatic ways. It is thought that our taste preferences are shaped by our social class, our level of cultural understanding, level of economic capital, memories of similar food experiences and nostalgia. As such, it is my personal belief that my opinion on food is no better than any other persons.

Nevertheless, dining at eating establishments such as restaurants and café’s are an important part of culture and society and as such, I will from time to time write about my dining experience at these types of venues. In saying this, I will endeavour to communicate not only my opinion of the experience, but why I believe I feel the way that I do.

Furthermore, I am extremely conscious that a single online review can have quite dramatic effects on the success of a restaurant or a chef’s career and as such, I will not assign ratings, compare venues or publish negative reviews.

It also goes without saying that I will not accept free meals where a dining establishment is the subject of a story.