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Cambodia: Lean into the discomfort and become spellbound by the majestic temples, delectable cuisine and whole hearted locals

At times, Cambodia will likely make you uncomfortable. You will weep at the killing fields where thousands were starved, tortured and killed during the regime of Pol Pot and profusely sweat under the hot Khmer sun. You will hear heartbreaking stories framed in the context of before and after the Khmer Rouge and watch on helplessly as men and women disfigured by the millions of undetonated landmines struggle to go about their lives. Persevere.

You will also be gobsmacked by the creativity and ingenuity of an ancient civilisation and the relics they left behind, awestruck by the amber, violet and baby pink hues of the sun setting behind lush jungle terrain and the silhouettes of lanky, gangly coconut palms in the distance. You will be delighted by the fresh and lively flavours of classic Khmer cuisine and inspired by countless NGO’S and social enterprise projects that are transforming lives.

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Meet Chris Balazs: Farmer, Father, Food Freedom Fighter.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a farm? To be able to walk out of your front door and have freshly laid eggs, crisp sweet veggies and ethically raised meat all at your immediate disposal. To get amongst it all and connect with the land where your food is grown and the people who grow it. I met with beef and lamb farmer Chris Balazs to find out more about his ethical and regenerative approach to farming, what day to day life is like for him and how you could have the most delish paddock to plate experience at his luxury Bannockburn farm-stay.

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Reviving the Bull Boar

Daylesford is one of Australia’s best known gastronomic destinations attracting visitors from all over the world. By following the story of the original Swiss-Italian settlers of the 1850’s to the region and the evolution of their heavily guarded Bull Boar sausage recipe, we come to understand how their influence helped to shape Daylesford’s food loving culture that we know today.

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