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Genetically Modified Foods: A Crisis of Trust

Numerous reports have emphasised the need for major changes in the global food system. Projections for the world population provided by the United Nations show that by 2050, based on various assumptions, the human population will reach close to 9.2 billion by 2050.

Agriculture must therefore meet the challenges of feeding a growing population, with rising demand for meat and high-calorie diets, while simultaneously minimising its global environmental impacts.

The biotech industry believes it holds the answer in the form of Genetically Modified Foods and have provided ample studies which support their claim of GM foods are not only safe, but may be better for us and for the environment. Supporters of the sustainable food movement claim that organic food production is just as productive and provide equally compelling studies that directly contradict the claims made by big ag. Given all the contradictory and inconsistent information being delivered, who should consumers believe?

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If You Never Ate A Bite, It Would Still Be Worth It.

It's easy to be overwhelmed at the thought of growing your own food. If you are interested in starting your own edible garden or maybe just a pot of herbs, don’t be put off by all the rules, the technical terms, and the fancy garden gadgets. Just dig a hole or fill a pot with dirt, plant a seedling, give it a drink and watch and wait.

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